Wax Connections Inc.offers expert service on our equipment,  utilizing this
service ensures your company the valued equipment will continue to return profits on a
daily basis.
Wax Applicator Tank Service
Wax Applicator Hose Service
The repair process for all applicator hoses will consist
of the following.

•        Disassembly of the handle section.
•        Remove excessive wax buildup on the outer areas.
•        Replace the on/off valve with 100% new parts.
•        Scrape the internal wax flow chamber.
•        Replace with 100% new heating element.
•        Pressure, Heat, and Flow test the hose 100%

Any items needing replaced that run the length of the
black sleeve section of the hose, except the heating
element, will not be serviced due to the extensive labor
involved in the repair.  We can not replace missing,
melted, or damaged parts.

The repair process for all applicator tanks will consist of the

•        Wipe down and clean the unit of build up wax.
•        Inspect the equipment for missing or damaged items.
•        Check each system of the unit for proper function.
•        Replace all items missing, damaged, or creating problems
•        100% test unit

The equipment is put through a 36 point checklist.  All
repaired and replaced items are documented.  Our pricing is
preset so no costs are hidden.
Wax Connections is dedicated to maintaining relationships with our customers, maintenance services
are always available to keep your equipment working at peak conditions and to increase your
profits. Due to the about of aging equipment in production we must implement a cut off for the
aging wax applicators maintenance.

Effective January 1st 2016 , the life cycle of certain Wax Connections – Wax Applicator equipment
has reached a point in which items are obsolete or non-repairable.

The reasons for condemning equipment:
-Beyond economical repair - Where equipment sent in and the cost of repairing said equipment is
considered too high after looking at the current value (taking depreciation into account), and the
age of the equipment.
-Technically obsolete - Parts and service support are no longer available.

All wax applicator units, but not limited to serial number 508 or earlier will no longer be supported for
maintenance. This serial number is a 10 year cutoff on equipment.
When looking at aging equipment, the engineer/manager/maintenance personal in charge of the
department should have the experience, knowledge, and authority to identify the aging equipment
based on its serial number. At the time a wax applicator unit fails to operate properly Wax
Connections will no longer be able to perform our maintenance service on these aging units. The
aging equipment should be scrapped and removed from use.